Friday, April 24, 2009

i take this man .... whether he like or not!

yeay! just finshed reading 'I take This Man.. whether he like it or not'.
briefly, Bram Shirez n Penny Bracket is a couple. prepared for their wedding which will be held only about 15 minutes. then, came Moris, Bram's bridegroom send a message from Bram, told he cant proceed the wedding. No reaction from Penny. she damn sad actually. she announce the cancel hersef to the guest. while her mother Easther Bracket kidnap Bram (without Penny's know about it, of course), lock him in her mansion, force him to eat all those wedding food (shrimp, salmon, chicken, salad), write sorry letter for all guest and labeling the wedding gifts for returned. his father, Keith Shiraz felt something, he tried to find his son. but he end up with fall in love with Easther.
Penny, lastly find out that Bram was locked up in the attic in her mansion. she tried to figured out why he left her in the altar. he admit that he cant satisfy her in their sex life. he figured out that Penny was faked her orgasm. Penny felt so embrassed. thought that Bram wont never figured it out.
one day, Bram success to escape but fell in the pool, where Penny is swiwmming. she rescued him, and they make love. shocking, Penny didnt fake her orgasm anymore and Bram want her back. unfortunately, not Penny. she left him. Bram try to find his father and he saw Keith and Easther. he is so angry and told Keith that Easther was kidnap him. Keith get mad.
and next, please read yourself la.. hehehe.. its a good story, so nice. so funny. try to read it!

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